Interviews at Haneda Airport part 2: Watch out for these in Japan!

Hello again from Haneda☺︎


In this part 1 interview video, we shared THE IMPORTANT info about Japan: favorite foods and places. But that was just the surface of the interviews. In this part 2, we will reveal the core. Before coming to Japan, what are the things that you need to prepare? What was everyone shook about after they arrived in Japan? Now, Senpai has to warn you!!!! Also, those videos can be helpful during your stay in Japan.

This time, we asked 2 questions below


Q1. What was different from your expectation about Japan? Do you have any culture shock?

・Onsen(hot spring)

・To use cash many times

・Too hot in summer

・Too much working culture

・Difficulty to take train

・Caps culture

Q2. Give some advice to people who wants to visit Japan!

・Learn a little Japanese, especially the sentence of question “where is the bathroom?”

・Get JR PASSPORT in advance →

・Get α Suica card

・Prepare for hotness in summer

・Don’t pack whole your life!!! Hotel  everything for your stay.



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