Interviews at Haneda Airport: SOUVENIRS, FOODS, and SPOTS in Japan!


There is lots of things to try, see and of course, eat! What would you buy for souvenirs? Where would you go to among the 47 prefectures? And what would you eat for your dinner? …wait, JAPANESE spicy chicken!? Whaaaaa!? For y’all, lost kids, come watch this with us😋


Q1.What did you get for souvenirs?

・Tokyo Banana Pokemon ver.

・Suhi Roller thing


Q2. What was the favorite food you had in Japan?





・Spicy Chicken from convenience stores


Q3. Where was your favorite spot in Japan?

・Kumamoto : Plz eat Basashi!

・Hiroshima:everyone should visit THE PIECE PARK to hit your mind kind of different level better than seeing online or pictures.

・Osaka:Every foods are very good!

・Kochi:there is the Iya Vally so that you can do river rafting, some hiking and so on.

・Kamakura:it is so nice to walk with yukata!

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