Top 4 JAPAN’s all-time favorite summer products!

August in Japan… it’s too hot even to walk!


It’s time for summer in Japan!

That means… you have to fight for the heat and humidity🥵

The other day, we went to Haneda Airport for interviews and multiple ppl told us that they were shook about how hot summer in Japan could become.


So, today’s topic is our recommendation of products to fight for the Japanese humidity.



No.1 Parasol

They are not the same ones on the beach. Small enough to be carried around. There are the foldable ones that you can put in your bag. Also, they are YES for the rain. Now, you won’t be surprised at seeing many people are using umbrellas on sunny day in Japan. They are not blocking themselves from the rain but the heat and UV. There are 100% UV cut parasols too! This is a very smart way people in Japan are obsessed with.


No.2 Potable Fan

This is another smart way which people in Japan are also obsessed with. You can adjust its strength usually in three levels by a button. The highest level gives a very enough strong wind only to you so that you can feel like a model while you are walking. Among the huge variety of portable fans, as we introduce you a couple more, this is another neat one. By opening the lid on top, you can pour water into this fan. With the buttons in the middle, you can change a mode if you want your wind with or without the mist. And lastly, those looking like headphones are my favorite ones! You can adjust its strength by this button on the side and the wind comes from the bottom on both sides. You can hang them around your neck so that you can feel the wind while your hands are being totally free. I was pretty surprised at how strong the wind could be.


No.3 Cool Ring

They have many different names as ice ring, cool neck ring, neck cooler, frosty ring… They’ll be hanging around your neck to cool you off. But don’t forget to froze them in the freezer before you use them. Otherwise, it’ll turn out to be just a bling-bling necklace. And we found the cute ones too!  When you wanna something different or you are obsessed with panda, this can be the option.


No.4 Body Wipe

You can wipe off your sweat feeling its cool touch. You can literally find them everywhere in Japan such as drug stores and convenience stores. There are too many kinds to choose from with different scents and level of coolness. If you wanna get the higher level of cool touch, please go with the packages with ice or goku (very) labeled on. You can’t go wrong with them. Adding to those body wipes, there are cool touch towels, ones dedicated to faces, and ones you can spray on yourself. And also, there are the ones you can spray on your shirts so that you can stay cool.



If you want more infomation about this topic or japan, watch this video on Youtube!

I hope your summer in Japan would be more confutable by this article!

See you soon!


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